Strategies to Savings: Step #3

by Katie on November 6, 2009

Collecting Coupons

Now that we are past setting a budget and how to menu plan it is time to move on to coupons!

Today I am going to share some different ways that I get my coupons.

1-The Newspaper

Ok, I am sure everybody knew this one! If you don’t already, start getting a paper or two every week. I get between 2-4 every week, depending on what coupons are coming out. I wouldn’t recommend getting more than 2 if you are starting out, you don’t want to get overwhelmed! Then you’ll just get frustrated and quit.

2-Internet Printable Coupons

You will often see these referred to as IP’s. There are all kinds of coupons online just waiting for you to print them. When I see a high dollar coupon or one for a product I always use I go ahead and print off 2. Otherwise, I just wait and see if one matches up with the weekly sales. (After you print your first coupon, hit the back button, and then the refresh button. That way you can print 2!) Here are some websites that I print manufacturers coupons from regularly:

3- Store Coupons

Meijer has store coupons that you can print off your computer. If you go to you will find a ton of them. You can use them along with your manufacturers coupon. That makes for some awesome deals!

Kroger has e-coupons which can be loaded onto your shoppers card. You can go to Kroger’s website and find information or to or Once they are loaded on your card, you are set. When you purchase that item it will automatically come off at the register. They are really neat!

4- Coupon Clipping Service
I was surprised to find out that you can order coupons off of Ebay. Crazy, isn’t it! If a good coupon comes out and you want to stock up, your best route is to order from a clipping service. It ends up being a lot cheaper than buying 20 papers. There are all kinds of clipping services, but I have always bought on Ebay. Last year there was a coupon out for a free bag of Pedigree Good Bites dog treats. I got 20 coupons for about 6 bucks! Those treats are usually pretty expensive, so that was a great deal at .30 a bag! I have also bought coupons for a LOT less than $6! The price just depends on the popularity and value of the coupon. I would highly recommend using this method.

5. Catalinas

Catalinas (often reffered to as cat’s) are coupons that spit out of that machine by the cash register. You get them when you have purchased a special promotion. There was a recent deal with Fleischmann’s Yeast- get .50 off your next order when you purchase 1 strip of yeast. The .50 coupon spit out after you purchased a strip, and you can use it just like cash off your next purchase. On they have forums dedicated to catalinas for certain stores. You just have to remember that you have them as they usually expire about 2 weeks after you get them.

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