How I Customized My Spice Rack

by Katie on March 28, 2012

My kitchen is small. Not like crazy small, but certainly smaller than I want it to be. I just feel like I don’t have enough room for a lot of kitchen “things” – spices being one of them.

I started out keeping my spices in a little plastic bin, and after a while it grew to three bins. Then I purchased a spice rack – which I kept in a cabinet because I felt like it took up too much space and I only used a few of it’s spices.

Whenever I went to make a recipe I would have to check the spice rack or root through the bins for the spices I needed. It started to become a pain, because, well…I use a lot of spices. So, I racked my brain for spice storing ideas and decided that it was time to ravamp, or customize, my existing spice rack!

I decided to put my 20 most used spices into the spice jars, keep it out on the kitchen counter, and it would be one stop spice shopping!

Here is the before.

Out of the 20 spices that the rack came with I had only used half of them…at the most. Savory, poultry seasoning…I don’t know about you but I have never thought about using those?  I’m not sure who comes up with the spices to put in the jars, but it must be someone who doesn’t cook much?!?

So, into the trash they went.

Then I washed them out thoroughly and worked at getting those ugly labels off. Getting the sticky stuff off from the labels took more time than anything.

Next, I gave the rack a good washing. It had collected some dust after sitting in the cabinet for so long.

I went through all of my spices and wrote down the top 20 more used spices and poured them into the jars. I didn’t realize that I had over 20 spices. I figured 21 and beyond were not used much so they could be stored elsewhere…I obviously don’t use them much!

What was left was those spices that didn’t make the top 20 list,  remainders from containers that were larger than my spice bottles, and a few extracts that I rarely use. This one little bin can be neatly store in the cabinet now.

Here she is. The final product. I labeled each jar and alphabetized them, too!

I must say that this was time WELL SPENT! I keep my Tin Woodsman measuring cups/spoons out right next to the spice rack and it makes it so easy to spice things up!

How do you store your spices?

Do you have a spice rack that could use some customizing?

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Misty March 28, 2012 at 3:50 pm

What a fantastic idea! That is something I would never have thought of doing. I may just try that out… After I make my recipe binder :)


Sue March 30, 2012 at 2:25 pm

You know – I think I have an old spice rack in the basement. I may have to drag it out and revamp it! Thanks for the great idea!


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