Christmas Gifts…{Food Ideas}

by Katie on December 17, 2012

If you are looking for some Christmas gifts to give to teachers, family, or neighbors…I’ve got a great list of {FOOD GIFTS} for you!

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

I came up with this recipe last year, and I’m SO glad I did! I made a ton of it last year and kept some back for myself to enjoy through the year! It’s such a great treat and makes a great gift that’s easy and quick to make up!! If you aren’t a peppermint fan you may want to try my regular Hot Chocolate Mix – it’s delicious too!

Christmas Cookies

Cookie seem to be the go-to when it comes to giving food gifts for Christmas gifts!  I’ve got several favorite cookie recipes that are always a crowd pleaser...Candy Cane Cookies, Chocolate Cherry Cookies, Soft Frosted Sugar Cookies, Mexican Wedding Cookies, and Pecan Tarts!

Snack Mix

Since most people give out sweet cookies and candy, sometimes it’s nice to do something a little different and go with a snack mix. Snack mixes are easy to mix up and are well received considering! I’ve featured several snack mixes on The Cutting Back Kitchen and all would be a great thing to give out. You could try Ranch Snack Mix or Spicy Chipotle Chex Mix for a savory snack mix or Sugar ‘n Spice Chex Mix, Muddie Buddies or Pumpkin Pie Crunch for a sweet mix.  If you are feeling particularly festive…try Peppermint White Chocolate Crunch!

Freezer Meals

If you really want to think outside of the box, a freezer meal is a great way to go! People get overwhelmed with sweets sometimes…so why not give them a gift that they will really love…a night off of cooking! Who wouldn’t appreciate that? Enchilada Lasagna, Chicken Pot Pie, and Chicken Tetrazzini are a few of my favorites.  You can check out all of my freezer recipes HERE.

Quick Breads 

I’ve always loved giving quick breads as hostess gifts and for Christmas treats. Cranberry Orange Bread is great this time of year! Banana Bread and Emmy’s Pumpkin Bread are also hits.

What kind of food gifts are you making this year?

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Misty December 19, 2012 at 12:32 pm

Ok, Ry and I are officially weirdo stalkers. Haha! We have tried almost all of these! You know you love a blog when you make dinner or some new recipe and your kiddos say “This is good, is it Katie’s recipe?” HAHA. Or when your 10 year old tells someone “No, I learned it from my mom’s best friend’s blog” LOL!

The peppermint hot cocoa and the candy cane cookies would be a great dessert for Momma!!! :)


Katie December 19, 2012 at 3:24 pm

I like that you guys have tried so many things…that’s what I put them on the blog for :)

I think that is hilarious that people are loving Rylee’s ideas and wondering where she gets them from…so funny.


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