4 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Grocery Shopping

by Katie on September 2, 2015

If you are like most people, the thought of going grocery shopping doesn’t exactly get you excited.  It’s a sea of aisles and if you aren’t prepared you may find yourself roaming for far too long!  I enjoy cooking and getting a good deal on my groceries, but shopping for my groceries isn’t the highlight of my day so I like to simplify the process and streamline it as much as possible.

I have some great ways for you to simplify your grocery shopping trip before you even step foot in the store.  These tips will help you make quick work of your grocery shopping and help you save a few bucks!

4 tips to

1. Make a menu plan

It’s the most simple tip I have and I would argue that it’s also the tip that will save the most money. If you have ever wandered aimlessly through the grocery store…this is for you. This easy 3 step process will help you plan your week in no time.

  • Sit down and browse through what food you have in your pantry and freezer
  • Browse the weekly ads and see what is on sale this week
  • Look at your families schedule and be realistic about how much time you have to cook meals

Start writing down meals that you can make that utilize sale items and items you already have.  Make sure you are realistic about what you have time to make.  Don’t plan a big dinner when you only have time for grilled cheese and tomato soup (surely I’m not the only one who struggles with this).

2. Make a grocery list

There is nothing worse than wandering aimlessly through the store.  Believe me, I’ve done it and it’s such a waste of time.  Simplify your shopping by making a simple list.  Write down what you need and only go looking for those items.

3. Try to limit the amount of trips

I try to go grocery shopping as little as possible.  It saves both time and money.  I usually do a bigger trip every two weeks and stop in for a quick one on the off weeks.  To save even more time, you could do a monthly menu plan and shopping trip.

I also try to limit the amount of stores I go to.  In the beginnings of this blog, when I was an avid couponer,  I took my coupons to 3 different stores each week.  I was saving a ton of money and had my trips detailed out so I could do it quickly, but those days are over – now it’s the simpler the better for me.

4. Utilize store perks

Grocery stores have come a long way in providing us awesome ways to save money!  Remke is a great example with their store rewards program - they offer pump perks and digital coupons and are expanding the program to bring you SO much more.  Here are a few perks with the new program coming soon:

Remke flyer

  • Remke mobile app – Take Remke with you wherever you go with the new Remke app, available for iPhone and Android. With the Remke Mobile App, you can enjoy the good stuff from the palm of your hand: browse digital coupons, check store locations and hours and view weekly circulars.
  • Remke Rewards Clubs - Remke is rolling out a number of exclusive Remke Rewards Clubs for their neighbors with regular purchases in specific aisles. For example, if shoppers have a new bundle of joy and are buying lots of diapers, then Remke will welcome them into the Baby Club. If the only baby in your life has fur, there’s also a Pet Lovers’ Club. With club membership, you’ll receive special offers in these departments. A full list of clubs will be available on the Remke app. 
  • Digital Coupons - Online or on your phone, you can now load digital coupons directly onto your Remke Rewards card. Just log-in, press a button to add the coupon and the savings will be applied at the register when you scan your card. No scissors required.
  • Pump Perks - With Remke Rewards, you’ll continue to save money at the pump by using your Remke Rewards linked Speedy Card.

There you have it! My top tips for simplifying grocery shopping.  I would love to hear your tips below in the comments.

Disclosure: I was compensated by Remke for this post, but all tips and ideas are my own.

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