Strategies to Savings

Several years ago I discovered the world of couponing and I fell in love.

I quickly began to reap the benefits!  My stockpile grew, my money out of pocket was going down, and all was great.

But can take some time.  It doesn’t have to take 20 hours a week, BUT you will spend time clipping coupons and looking for deals. I also found there were a lot of things I didn’t find coupons for…and I wanted to save money on those things, too.

A lot of women I talked to about couponing didn’t want to spend the time on it, so they assumed they couldn’t save money on their grocery bill.

I saw a real need for finding others ways of saving.

As a result, I put together what I call my strategies to savings.  Simply put, it is the strategies that I use to save money on my grocery budget.


I teach this as a class to help others save money on their grocery bill.  I also made it into a series of posts for those of you who can’t come to a class. One of the strategies is utilizing coupons, but there is much more to it.

You can use one strategy to save a little, or combine them all and save a bundle.

The good news is that everyone can save in some way or another!


1. Setting a Budget

2. Menu Planning

3. Collecting Coupons

4. Got Your Coupons?  Now What?

5.  Coupon Lingo

6. Organizing Your Coupons

7. Stockpiling

8. Freezer Cooking

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